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It’s all an illusion, you see. Smoke, mirrors, decadence and lust.

Dita Von Stitch, our heroine in this tale is a fiery, red haired beauty. Steely of mind and headstrong; birds depicting freedom adorn her body as she soars above the head of her adoring fans, traversing the high wire. Entertaining is her blood, her past her future. Children look in awe at the spectacle and men would die for a glance in their direction. Butterflies gently caress her silky skin and glide with her on her delicate journey across the abyss, but like their day in the sun, life is short, precarious. One false move and Lady Luck steps in to seize her chance. Alfonso will save her. He is the strongman in every sense, willing her safe journey from the pit below, outstretched arms ready to catch her fall. They share their secrets and fate in stars engraved on their bodies. Star-crossed you may say… He bears the key to her heart shaped locket and she bears the love letter written in his hand.

He watches silently each night as her performance in the burlesque creates fervour amongst the same men in different suits. Bright feathers, flesh tights and secret smiles.

Do you believe in fate? Dita believes you make your own luck, yet she wears the horseshoe as a charm. It may be worth remembering, Dita, that stars can be hidden by cloud, hearts can break and love letters can burn.

You plot Dita’s fate as you stitch her story.

All you need is imagination and a sewing machine.

Kit includes:
• Cut and sew body complete with underwear
• Cut and sew brogues
• Stuffing, instructions and clothes patterns
• A carefully selected combination of fabrics and trimmings enabling you to make Bertie’s first outfit
• Fob watch and chain

Send us your pictures of your completed Bertie, and any snaps you get of him while out and about to or post them on Instagram tagging @thedollcollective. Bertie can’t wait to show us what he’s made of!

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