Bertie and Lou Lou Doll Kits


Meet Bertie and Lou Lou,  our new collection of boudoir dolls. They have a classic 20’s style, with lots of opportunities for customisation.

Let your imagination run wild!

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Product Description

Buy both Bertie and Lou Lou to complete the story!


Bertie FitzClarence is many things to many people – a breaker of promises, a cheat at cards, a wastrel drinking the ancestral bank account dry, a lollygagger, a bounder and a cad. With his fiery red hair and smart-set playboy reputation, he’s well-known everywhere from the Kit Kat Club to the spiels of East London. Fast cars, fast girls and fast money were Bertie’s chief occupations; until one fateful night at The Embassy on Old Bond Street, when he set eyes on Lou Lou…

Bertie’s never been in love before, and it’s a revelation. He wants to be a brand new man, the best version of himself he can be. Help Bertie to reinvent himself and give him a set of threads smart enough to turn even Lou Lou’s head!

Bertie is colour printed on cotton with underwear, socks, garters and a natty pair of brogues. Instructions, stuffing, a pattern and high-quality fabrics for his shirt, waistcoat, trousers and baker-boy hat are all included, as is his pocket watch (a graduation present – “the only genuinely useful thing I got out of Cambridge”, according to the man himself). This kit contains everything you need for his first outfit; after that, your creativity (and fabric scraps) can craft him a wardrobe he can be proud of.

Because one can’t expect a prominent man-about-town such as Bertie to wear the same suit as everyone else, the outfit fabrics included in the kits will be released in limited runs and regularly changed. These will also be available for purchase separately, along with add-on patterns and accessories.

All you need is imagination and a sewing machine.

Kit includes:
• Cut and sew body complete with underwear
• Cut and sew brogues
• Stuffing, instructions and clothes patterns
• A carefully selected combination of fabrics and trimmings enabling you to make Bertie’s first outfit
• Fob watch and chain

Send us your pictures of your completed Bertie, and any snaps you get of him while out and about to or post them on Instagram tagging @thedollcollective. Bertie can’t wait to show us what he’s made of!

Lou Lou:

The very first in the collection, Lou Lou is the founder of The Doll Collective. Found wandering around Berkley Square at 7am after a night of dancing and gin fizz, Lou Lou could remember nothing except her name. The London papers were full of reports of a mysterious debutante turning heads at every prominent party, but no-one knew from whence she came, making her all the more alluring and intriguing. To help her regain her memory, she started The Doll Collective – a club for fabulous people who appreciate the finer things in life: dancing, jazz, high tea, higher fashion, and, of course, beautiful dolls. In doing so, she hopes that someone can help her stitch together her past, and take her on new adventures to craft an exciting future. Right now, she’s a blank slate; she needs your help to reimagine her personality, her place in life and, more importantly, her wardrobe!

Lou Lou is colour printed on cotton with underwear, shoes and a fox stole (the essentials, honey). Stuffing, a silver heart and a unique pouch of embellishments is included in every box, as well as a suggested dress pattern. The material you make the dress up in is up to you – and her, obviously. Let your imagination run wild!

Send us your pictures of your completed Lou Lou, and any snaps you get of her while out and about to or post them on Instagram tagging @thedollcollective #loulou. Lou Lou can’t wait to show us what she’s made of!

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